Bubble Bath Nails & Spa

My apologies that I have been neglectful and not updating twitter or this blog. Things have been crazy at work and there hasn’t been enough hours in the day.

After 2 super hectic weeks at work I really needed to do something to relax and treat myself. On my way to the gym I passed a new Spa around the corner from me – Bubble Bath Nails & Spa

Walk in’s are welcome but I made an appointment to wax my eyebrows (which I had let go wild) and have a mani/pedi. Especially given a Grand Opening discount!

I started with the eyebrow wax and WOW they did a great job. They removed the growth that had come in and also evened them out.

Then I sat in the massage chair and they went to work on my hands and feet. Typical spa mani/pedi but my hands and feet were so thankful for some much needed attention.

What I LOVED is that, unlike all other manicures, the polish lasted for almost a full WEEK before chipping. I’m so hard on my hands that usually I can’t get home without a ruined manicure.

If you are right downtown Toronto I totally suggest checking this place out. The staff are super friendly, the prices are great and the results are amazing!

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