Essence Stay All Day 16hr Long Lasting Concealer

Two weeks ago I got a facial and then went out for dinner and drinks…..and hit myself in the eye at some point, causing a pretty decent shiner.  I bruise easily so any hit or bump shows up instantly.

So as my eye healed throughout the week the after effects of the facial started leaving pimples and redness on my face.  Not my best of looks at all.



With such bad skin I thought that this would be the best time to try out the Essence 16hr Long Lasting Concealer I’d gotten at the Essence event I attended.

I have to stay for a liquid concealer I was super impressed with the coverage.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say it lasts 16hrs but it did get me through the workday!  Also the product is really good and easy to toss in your makeup bag if you require any touch ups throughout the day.



If you’re in need of a lightweight concealer and don’t want to spend much money then I totally suggest picking up the Stay All Day 16hr Long Lasting Concealer. It’s not the best concealer on the market but it’s great value for the money.



Above is the finished look after the rest of my makeup was applied.

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