Olive Oil Hair Treatment

A few days ago I went to a party for a friend who has kids-meaning there were lots of kids running around while us adults drank wine. The party was a blast however afterwards I learned that a couple of the children had head lice.

As a childless adult I immediately over reacted by searching my scalp for signs of lice, washing EVERYTHING and scrubbing my place clean (up side my condo looks fantastic). Despite having no signs of lice I also took to the web to find out home remedies to kill the suckers – just in case.
One blog suggested soaking your head and hair in olive oil (suffocate the suckers) then use a thin comb to brush out your hair section by section. As a preventative measure (and since I have lots of olive oil) I figured why not give it a go.

So I went ahead and soaked my hair in olive oil and proceeded to comb out pieces in sections. Then I shampooed (3 times to get all the oil out) and then conditioned as usual.

My hair was so happy with this process! Afterwards my hair was so soft and shiny. It was like I did an expensive hair treatment-only it cost me next to nothing!

I don’t have lice (thank goodness) but I think this treatment is going to make it into my regular hair routine.

I suggest trying this out if the winter hasn’t been so kind to your locks.

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