Fighting against Raccoon eyes one make-up remover at a time

Ok, so I’ll admit it, I’m really lazy when it comes to removing my makeup at the end of the day.  Especially if I have gone out and indulged in a few cocktails before calling it a night!  I’m forever waking up with mascara/eyeliner marks on my pillow cases or getting out of the shower and leaving black on my white towels. 

I like dark liquid liner, lots of mascara and shouldn’t be punished for it.  Furthermore, despite being admittedly lazy, I should not have to spend 10min and oodles of cotton to get it off properly.  With this in mind I’ve gone out and tests 3 different types of eye makeup removers all while using White Towels and White Sheet/Pillow cases (thank goodness for bleach).

The Body Shop’s Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

The Good:

  • Takes off all my heavy makeup with 2 cotton pads and with very little time and effort
  • Doesn’t leave a greasy residue therefore can be easily used to touch up makeup smears throughout the day without having to reapply your whole look
  • Very affordable price

The Not So Good:

  • I found I needed to use a lot of the product per cotton pad (really soak it) to get all my make up off

Overall Impressions: This product is the one I liked the best out of the 3 I’m reviewing and it has become a staple in my gym bag for my after workout shower routine.  My towels and sheets remain smuge free and although I do have to use lots of product it is still a really reasonable price (especially when there are sales!)

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

The Good:

  • It’s Oil Free so if you suffer from acne or oily skin this is perfect for you
  • You doen’t need to rub to get the makeup off, dabbing will work just fine

The Not So Good:

  • It’s oily free but my eyes still felt greasy afterwards so there’s no way I’d use this product to touch up any make up smudges
  • Takes a long time to get all the eye makeup off – resulting in a fail grade in my white sheets and towels test

Overall Impressions: It’s an OK eye makeup remover.  If you don’t use heavy eye make up and/or have oily skin and are able to invest the 10min to getting all the makeup off then you shouldn’t have any issues. 

Almay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads

The Good:

  • Pre-soaked pads make it easier to remove your eye makeup and to carry it around in your bag
  • No greasy residue was left behind
  • With my lazy ways I managed to get 80% of my eye makeup off

The Not So Good:

  • With 10% of makeup still lingering Almay failed my sheets and towel test
  • Pre-soaked pads doesn’t make it as conducive to touching up smudges
  • Had to rub to get off my makeup and my eyes felt scratchy and a bit raw afterwards

Overall Impressions:  All though Almay provides a no fuss no mess alternative I’m still not convinced this is a good option.  This was my least preferred of the 3 I tested.  I think this would be good for someone who wears very little eye makeup and isn’t good for people like myself who tend to wear heavier dark eye makeup.


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