Hairstyling-preparing for season change

As the weather changes I’m starting to notice that my hair is getting frizzy and slightly unmanageable, especially on the hot humid days or those days where it’s going to thunderstorm.

In an attempt to maintain my funky spiky cut I have been experimenting with a bunch of different types of product.  I do types of products that I have been testing the one that has risen above the rest is the got2b playful texturizing cream.

What I really like about this product is that it is lightweight and not very greasy but is still pliable enough that I can control the weather induced frizz while also achieving the spiky/chunky look that I want.  With the got2b texturizing cream I don’t feel or look like I have unwashed hair and even if I don’t wash my hair the next day it’s still fresh with a pretty good hold- especially if I wet my fingers and just run my hands through my locks.

I picked up my product at Shoppers Drug Mart and it’s reasonable priced, especially in comparison to the wide range of products available for hairstyling.  I think this is definitely one of the better options and another bonus is that it comes in pod container which is nice because you’re not stuck trying to squish out the last bits of  the tube or a pump system – so you actually get all the product that you paid for.

If you are like me and your hair doesn’t really like change of seasons or you’re just looking for something extra update your look,  I highly recommend checking this product out.  It’s inexpensive, good, easy to use and it doesn’t make you look like you haven’t washed your hair in days!

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