Home Laser Hair Removal

Things have been quite crazy for the past week and a bit so I apologize on neglecting my blog.

What I want to talk about is my at home The Silkn’ Pro laser hair removal product.

I’m naturally pale skinned with very dark eyes and very dark hair. My armpit hair and pubic hair is dark and corse as well the the hair on my legs (and I’ve been known to attack my arm hair at times to). Also I have to monitor any facial hair that might get dark (Blondes be lucky you don’t have to worry about this) to make sure I don’t have a mustache. Dark haired ladies, you understand the time, effort and general pain we have to go through to maintain a hair free body.

I’ve tried waxing, but really the time, cost and pain involved wasn’t worth it for me. I shaved everything, but would always end up with ingrown hairs on my bikini line. I tried home waxing, and I couldn’t do it….the pain was too much.

I came across the Silkn’ Pro and, in a moment of weakness, figure what the hell. It was still cheaper than paying a clinic for laser hair removal. I have to say at first, I was skeptical, however both my mother and I have been using the product and have seen results.

What’s key to remember is that in order for it to work you do have to invest some time. The bulb is small and can only do so much space at one time. You also have invest in regular sessions – which has been my issue as of late. I think starting out weekly then, after a month or two when your skin has built up tolerance, using every time you hair grows back will yield the fastest results. It doesn’t hurt and is safe – but wear sunglasses when doing it because it never hurts to protect your eyes.

I have been pretty poor at using it on a regular basis, and currently need to get some replacement bulbs. Still, I have notice a difference in the type of hair, the speed of hair and the amount of hair that grows back. The price isn’t terrible and for the convenience and comfort of doing it at home, I think it’s worth the investment.

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