Arbonne – A natural and animal friendly way to stay beautiful

A wonderful woman that I work with approached me to ask if I would try out some face care products. She just recently started selling Arbonne products (like an Avon representative) and has been looking for feedback and opinions.

She gave me the day cleanser, toner, moisturizer, intensive serum and restorative eye cream from the Ant-Aging RE9 line to test out over a week.

My first impression of this line was extremely positive. I love the packaging, I love the scent, I love that it’s natural, and as someone following a vegan diet, I love love love that it’s cruelty free and no animal testing.

Twice a day (morning and night) I started with the cleanser, toned, used the serum, moisturized and used the eye cream. A little of each product goes a long way and the first day or so I ended up being somewhat wasteful since I’m used to needing a fair amount of product.

Within the first day I started to notice a big difference in my skin. My skin was naturally smooth (I actually stopped using a face primer it was that great) and extremely moisturized. My fine lines were smoother and I had a really nice glow or “youthful sheen” happening. I am quite skeptical on anti aging claims, and although you can’t fight nature, this Arbonne line really seems to adhere to its claims and I believe it will at least slow mother nature down a bit.

Each of the products I tried are amazing and my skin was so happy. What’s the catch? To purchase them it’s a bit pricy. In the spirit of you pay what you get for get this is certainly no drug store brand. Arbonne has different pricing strategies depending on if you want to be a sales representative, a company member or if you want to purchase at retail. Still, although from my experience the products are worth the price, to buy the entire face care line will take an investment.

My current financial situation doesn’t allow me to drop $400 at this point, but I am definitely considering saving up to get the line. It’s been a week since I had to return the testers and my skin is really sad to go back to the Body Shop Vitamin E line – which it LOVED before trying Arbonne.

If you are in the Toronto area and want more information about Arbonne, message me and I will connect you with the sales representative I work with.

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