New Bare Minerals Products!

I know I have said this before – but I LOVE the bare minerals/bare escentuals make up line.  There are few products that work for my skin that are as lightweight, effective, and in my price range as this line.

The one thing I don’t really like is that the loose powder gets messy – especially for someone as uncoordinated as myself.  My bathroom counter is constantly covered in cast offs and spills and I’m forever cleaning.  So, when I saw a few new PRESSED POWDER products in Sephora, I literally danced from joy.

I ended up picking up the following products to try: bareMinerals Ready Bronzer, bareMinerals READY SPF 15 Touch Up Veil and the bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow

bareMinerals Ready Bronzer

After cleansing, toning, moisturizing and putting on my concealer I have forgone my foundation and go right into bronzing.  This is a great, light bronzer that  evens out my skin tone and gives me a healthy glow without getting unnaturally dark or orange (which is a look I personally hate). On the days where I’m expectionally pale I just add a few more layers to bring out the color.  For a natural everyday look this is a great product.  My only complaint is that it doesn’t come with an application poof or brush build in so I have to carry around my own in my bag for touch ups.  Also, if you are looking for a darker bronzer or a product to contour with this isn’t for you – I would try out the Cargo bronzers for that.

bareMinerals Ready SPF 15 Touch UP Veil

After my bronzer is applied I go straight into the Touch Up Veil – I am using the tinted version.  This I love the most – and it’s way better than their powder finishing veil.  The extra color helps to even my skin tone and takes me one more step away from vampire pale.  It also sets my concealer and foundation so I really don’t have much to touch up if I run from work to a social event.  Also it’s really good at keeping oil out – I even went for a run with it on and my face didn’t melt despite my sweating.  If you can only get one new product right now, seriously consider this one, especially if you have shiny or oily skin.  It does (unlike the bronzer) come with a poof built in so carrying it around for touch ups is easy.

bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow

The palette I got isn’t necessarily for daytime wear, but man does it pop when I wear it out in the night.  The pigments are great in these shadows, loads of color and easy to blend. For a sexy smoky eye this is definitely the best shadow I’ve used to date.  Also, unlike their powder shadows these pressed colors are not messy and easy the transport and touch up if need be.  Worth trying out if you are in need of some eye shadows with strong colors.

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