Aveda has saved my hair!

About three months ago a very dear friend of mine had to have a bone marrow transplant which includes chemotherapy, radiation and all the hair loss and other terrible side effects that go with it.

Her incredible spirit and grace throughout the process was so inspiring I decided I wanted to do something to give back to the cancer community. What I decided was to grow out my hair so that I can cut it and donate it for wigs. I found a charity called Angel Hair for Kids is an organization that makes wigs for children with medical conditions.

I’m lucky that I have hair that grows fast and puts up with lots of abuse – but still going over three months without a hair cut has left my ends pretty damaged. Luckily Aveda has a product that is my hair savior – Damage Remedy Daily Repair.

Best used on wet hair (although in drastic cases you can get away with putting on dry hair) this leave in conditioning treatment requires just a little to go a long way. I have been shampooing and conditioning as normal then towel drying and detangling my hair. Then I use about a quarter size of the Damage Remedy Daily Repair and massage into the ends and work up the shaft.

My ends look healthier and are not as dry and, for me, it means it will help my hair donation make a great wig for a well deserving child. After I finally get my hair to the right length for chopping I will definitely continue to use this product to keep my hair looking it’s best and give it the strength it needs to tolerate the constant abuse I inflict upon it.

If you have been abusing your hair and are looking to make amends – or color, perm or love to style with heat – this is a must have product. It makes a world of difference and your hair will feel better, look better, and smell better (who doesn’t love the scent of all Aveda products?).

If you have any doubts, stop by your local Aveda store and ask them to try it out on your ends. You’ll have an idea how great it is after one use and most likely will fall in love like I did.

1 thought on “Aveda has saved my hair!

  1. What a great thing you are doing!! I went blonde a few summers ago and bought the colour conserve shampoo and conditioner. I couldn’t believe how nice it left my hair. I expected it to feel like straw but it was so soft!

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