My new favorite bag(s)

I live a hectic lifestyle and most days, once I leave my front door, I’m not back for 10-12hrs … expect for during my lunch hour where I try and squeeze in a quick workout at the condo gym (there are perks to living a stone’s throw away from your work).

Since I am not a morning person and hit the snooze button on my alarm 4-5 times until I’m already late, I have to be organized for the day and make sure I take everything I need with me when I leave for work. Wanting to be stylish and have a put together fashionable look sometimes poses difficulty for me in my organization because when I switch purses to match whatever outfit I choose for the day, I’m constantly forgetting something in one bag … which due to Murphy’s Law is usually the one item that I really need!

I started getting frustrated and just stuck to the same black tote bag (which is nice and I love) but the same bag everyday gets BORING and doesn’t add anything to my look. I started doing google searches on purse organizers and seriously considered getting the Pouchee or the Puseket. I almost ordered one but was struggling to choose between the 2 and since I couldn’t find them physically to look at anywhere in Toronto I decided against both.

A few weeks ago I was in Costco in Peterborough and saw a booth for the Miche Bag and instantly beelined over to it. It’s such a cool idea, one base bag that has shells, so instead of changing bags you just change the cover and it looks like a totally different purse. Skeptical I tested out the product and looked at the quality of the base bag as well as the shells and I was pleasantly surprised – there are stylish and good quality. I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s a designer bag, however Prada and Kate Spade are already outside of my price point. I feel that these are just as nice as my Coach bags and infinitely nicer than Aldo or other similar copy cat brands.

The Costco deal was get a classic base bag with 4 shells for $100 – which basically turns out to be $25 a bag – which is definitely affordable. I settled on the Stacey-Black, the Daisy, the Kandace and purple with faux zippers that I can’t find listed on the website.

The size is perfect for your day to day needs, and if I’m carrying files or my iPad/Keyboard and/or lunch with me I use my tote bag that can fold up when not in use. I have already received compliments on the purse – the Daisy receiving the most. The best part – I am no longer missing things or forgetting items because I don’t have to change bags over!

I think it’s a fun idea and an easy way to help organize and simplify your morning routine. If you’re in a shop and they have a booth I definitely suggest spending some time to check the products out.

As I write this and get the links to the shells, I’m already mentally picking out my next order but there are too many I want to settle on a couple!

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