Bronzer – A tan your skin will thank you for!

It’s that time of year where the sun is out, weather is hot and we are all thinking about shedding our pasty white winter skin to get bronzed in the sun. That being said we are also reminded to keep the sun screen on and keep away from tanning beds and all the dangers associated with too much sun. What’s a girl to do?

As an individual who pretty much repels the sun – seriously I question if I have vampire DNA because I neither tan or burn, I just stay WHITE – I have some experience with faking a tan.

I personally have not had luck with spray tans, whether they be from the salon or store bought. Even worse was the Snookie Orange fake tan I got from the tanning lotion. I like the idea of the lotions that have the tanning lotion in it, but sometimes I just don’t have the patience to wait so long for it to build up. Besides, these are all solutions for your body – what about the face?

This is where bronzer is a life saver … however if you aren’t careful you can still end up looking like you just walked off the set of Jersey Shore. I have tried many types of bronzers and the most important thing to remember is that if you are light in color naturally, you need a light bronzer. It’s supposed to be a hint of sun kissed color – not a solution to changing your skin tone all together. You have to work with the skin that you have and accept that maybe (or most definitely in my case) you just may never going to get that california girl bronze.

I personally believe that shimmer is best left on it’s one and discourage using any bronzers that have it built in. The Body Shop brush on beads is one that I caution against. The 3 colors are great and it does win points for a gradual and natural color that is easy to layer on, but for me I think it’s too shimmery. Especially on hot days, it can mix with a bit of humidity or sweat and just make you look oily.

You also need to test out the color before you buy it. What you want to look for is that it easily blends (total must) and that it’s not too dark for your skin color (unless you are looking for the Jersey Shore tan – then go nuts). My mom loves her Cargo baked bronzer – but she naturally gets really dark in the sun. It has great pigment, however I feel it’s a bit harder to blend and the shades are much darker than what you would think. Cargo is a good brand but you need to test it out on your skin first. For me, Cargo Baked Bronzer looks terrible. If you are really light skinned, it might not be the best choice for you.

Currently I love the Bare Escentuals Line – so I’m a bit biased these days. Despite my clear line preference I do recommend their warmth all over face color. I find it blends perfectly, and doesn’t cake on the color. Instead it lets me gradually layer until I get the desired look I’m going for. I even use it with a foundation brush to add in some contouring in. It also doesn’t have a lot of shimmer which is something I look for. I did notice they now have a pressed powder bronzer, so I’m excited to use up what I have left and check that product out. Will report back if it lives up to my expectations!

Regardless of the look, level of color or product you prefer I urge you to fake the tan and save your skin. Not only does protecting your skin from the sun and UV rays help keep you from aging too quick but it also will keep your natural glow in tact. Also, I think we have all heard about the cancer risks associated with tanning – and it’s important to take care of yourself.

Besides, with a little research and trial and error you can get a year long tan with the perfect bronzer that will have your skin thanking you and your peers envious.

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