Toni & Guy Hair Straightener

So I had collected a bunch of Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards that needed to used up and I thought “great- perfect time to replace my 3 year old Hair Straightener”. I looked at what they had and, naturally (for me), I gravitated towards the ones with a brand name I knew – Toni and Guy.

I picked one with a curve for easy styling and looked to a good size for those rare occasions that I travel (see product here). I was excited, I love new products.

The next morning I took it out, heated it up and was ready to head to work with a perfectly styled hairdo. Saying that I was disappointed is an understatement. My new straighter SUCKED. The plates do not get hot enough to heat a reasonable amount of hair at one time-and there’s not even steam. I takes forever to straighten my hair and to be honest it still doesn’t get that straight (important to note here that my hair is pretty straight naturally so I can’t imagine the crummy job it’d do with wavy or curly hair).

After the fact I read reviews and they were not good. Lesson learned – before buying always google the product. Brand names don’t mean anything – especially products endorsed by Toni and Guy. Now I’m on the hunt for a steam straightener, which my mother told me about, and when I find one I’ll let you all know if that product is worthwhile.

For those in my situation Joico has an amazing product Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant that is awesome and leaves your hair soft, smooth and shiny – despite a crappy straightener.

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