Ste. Anne’s Spa

My good friend Katie and I spent an amazing and relaxing day being pampered at Ste. Anne’s Spa. For any spa lovers -or anyone who just wants to get away and spoil themselves- this is a must try destination. I’ve been a few times before, both as an overnight guest and (more frequently) as a day spa guest. I have been more than impressed each time. It’s so amazing it doesn’t even do justice to try and compare it to any downtown Toronto spa’s – as Ste. Anne’s really is in a league if its own.

We arrived shortly after 9am, registered and changed into our robes and slippers then I had my first treatment at 9:45am -a 30min Swedish Massage. Now I’m really not a fan of massages, and I think I have only had a couple in the past, which I found unpleasant and just left me sore. I decided on a massage because my upper back is all knotted and it was time to address it-like or not. Even despite my past displeasure of massage the RMT I had was awesome. She was friendly, used a perfect amount of pressure for me and afterwards I felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders and crazy relaxed.

While waiting for Katie to return from her prenatal massage I sat in the eucalyptus steam room (seriously if you ever have a chance to go in one do-your pores will love you) for a bit then took a dip in the outdoor stone hot tub. I did have a battle getting to the hot tub with the resident centipede (they are scary as hell) but once he travelled up the wall I was good to go. The weather sucked as it was snowing, but how can you mind the cold when you are toasty in anhot tub?

We then met up and did a 45min stretch class which was great and you got to pick up the stretches written out so you can keep up the good feeling home. This will be my new challenge to myself-do this stretch class 2-3 times per week.

Then Katie I had our lunch in the dining room. I had a green salad, vegetarian medley, fruit cup and a cinnamon tea. Katie had the soup of the day (tomato red pepper with pesto goat cheese), Artisan pizza, fruit cup and a hot chocolate (lunch menu). The food is amazing and the atmosphere is very fancy and nice-despite the annoying guests sitting at the table beside us.

Katie’s next treatment was the Caribbean Foot Rejuvenation and mine was the moor mud bath and aroma hydro massage. Ever since the first time I tried the mud bath I was hooked and always get it when I go. You are naked and you do need help getting in and out of the mud and showering it off, but the therapists make you feel very comfortable and the benefits are worth any squeamishness. You start out with 7 min in the steam room to open the pores. Then you get into warm bath of mud-where you are floating in the mud. The therapist puts a mask on your face and a cold compress on you head. After about 10-12min of bliss you get out and shower off the mud. You then get on a massage table and are placed under a Vichy shower -which feels like you are lying under a waterfall. After that you get a light body massage with oil scented with your choice of 5 scents. I think everyone should try out this treatment I can’t rave about it enough.

We ended our day with an afternoon tea (menu) where Katie had the sample plate and tea (I forget which one) and I had them mix for me (vegan diet you know) crackers, fruit, veggies and the dips and I had a tropical tea.

Overall a fantastic day -and when you keep an eye on their deals, totally affordable. Overall I spent $224 at the spa and think it was worth every penny. I feel like I had a week away and am still feeling refreshed, renewed and relaxed. If you gets chance I highly recommend trying out Ste. Anne’s – you won’t be disappointed!

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