Bioré Girls Night In

I was fortunate enough to receive an invite to attend an afternoon of manicures, pedicures, facials, snacks and cocktails hosted by my friend Jill. Three wonderful ladies from Wright Spa joined us at Jill’s apartment to pamper the girls and educate us on the new/rebranded Bioré cleanser line. Bioré also gave each of us a loot bag full of their products to take home and try. I’ll talk about the products that were used on me during the facial and honestly, my skin feels as amazing as it did after having a basic facial at a downtown Toronto spa. So if you’re looking for a way to skip the spa, listen up.

She started with the Bioré make-up removing cleansing towelettes, which are great because they dissolve the make up without drying out your skin and leaving it feeling tight. I wouldn’t use the towelettes as a cleanser but could definitely see this as my staple in make-up removing before cleansing as well as my face freshener after the gym/after work before reapplying my make-up. And to be honest I might use them as a cleanser on those nights when I’ve had too many cocktails and taking out my contacts are about as far as I’m willing to invest in a drunken evening beauty regime (we’ve all been there).

After that, she cleansed my face with the Bioré Daily Purifying Scrub-where a dime size really is all you need for your face. She used her finger tips in circular motions to distribute the product over my face, then added a bit of warm water to lather before she wiped it off with a steamy soft towel.

Following that my favorite product was introduced-the warming anti-blackhead cream cleanser. AMAZING-although I feel it’s more of a mask than a cleanser. Again a dime size is all you need to rub with circular motions over your face, leave on and let warm up for a couple minutes, then wipe off. Your skin will thank you-and really I think using it once a week will result in a world of difference for your skin.

We got to take home the rest of the line and I’m excited to try it all out. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised with the Bioré line – especially since what I remember from 14 years ago is the free pore strips in 17 magazine (does anyone else recall everyone coming to school with red noses after trying the free sample???).

If you only try one product from this line-get the warming anti-blackhead cream cleanser and I think following a scrub you can save on your spa facials and reinvest into summer fashions, beach season is just around the corner.


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